“And what a mother!”

As I continue to study for our Jr. High and Sr. High series entitled “The Pursuit of Moses,” I have come to think of the prayer and care and instruction of Moses’ mother. God was certainly at work. That Moses could grow up as a powerful man in a great empire with every opportunity for happiness and wealth that the world could afford, and forsake it all to stay faithful to the God of the slaves.

I’m praying for our young people, that they would have deep repentance and great defiance in this world. And I’m praying for mothers today. May God grant you the endurance to continually point your children to the Gospel of grace, the practice of repentance and forgiveness, and the only worthwhile riches (Hebrews 11:26).

From Halley’s Bible Handbook: “And what a mother! She so thoroughly imbued him in childhood with the traditions of his people, that all the allurements of the heathen palace never eradicated those early impressions. He had the finest education Egypt afforded, but it did not turn his head, nor cause him to lose his simple childhood faith.”

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