Pittsburgh Mission Trip

2019 Pittsburgh Mission Trip: July 6 – 12

For the fourth year, our high schoolers (rising 9th grade through graduating seniors) will be going to work with Covenant Fellowship Reformed Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA. Missions activities for the week include: leading a Vacation Bible School, boarding up vacant properties, cleaning abandoned lots, street evangelism, prayer booth, and more! Our morning devotions will be led by Pastor Pete Smith.

Packing List 


Additional Info:

1) Please plan to arrive no later than 7:15 AM on Saturday morning, July 6, at the church. We will begin packing the Uhaul before 7:15AM and will pray and depart as quickly as possible.

2) If you would like a safe-arrival text, and some update texts during the week, we will send messages to a designated group chat on GroupMe. If you would like to be added, or would like more information, please email Leah Hinds at lhinds@lexingtonpca.org. Some pictures and videos will also be posted on our Instagram page.

3) First aid will be administered at chaperone discretion. If there would be an issue with a chaperone administering tylenol, ibuprofen, benadryl, etc. then please advise. Also, please advise us asap if there are any food allergies we should be aware of.

4) The address where we are staying is:

Covenant Fellowship Reformed Presbyterian Church
1300 E Swissvale Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Sleeping arrangements: girls will stay upstairs and guys downstairs. Beds and bedding provided by the church (Girls: pack a pillow. Guys: Pillows will be provided.)

5) Our group will return to the LPC between approximately 7-9pm on Friday, July 12. We will pass around chaperone cell phones to students when we have a better eta on Saturday afternoon. We will also text the GroupMe.

6) Several parents have asked about how much money to send. All food from when we leave LPC until the return to LPC will be provided. Students will want to buy snacks during the week and maybe souvenirs on our sightseeing day. You can send your student with $0 or $100. I would recommend $20-$40 depending on snacks and souvenir plans. Also, there is a Family Dollar next door to the church we will be staying in, so there will be a daily pilgrimage of students seeking afternoon snacks.

7) Please contact Taylor Gordon or Leah Hinds with any questions! Thanks!