Rockin’ Around Lexington: Summer 2020

Adventure Is Out There LogoRockin’ Around Lexington consists of having 25 rocks that have been hand painted by the interns and church staff members. Each Rock has been hidden in various places across Lexington. Once you find the rocks, we encourage you to personally relocate them and share your new clue about the location. This game is for Middle and Highschool students and we encourage youth families to also participate and go on a Lexington scavenger hunt.

When you find the rock, snap a pic of you and the rock, and we would love to showcase you on our Instagram Page!!


  1. When you find the hidden rock, please send a picture of it to, with your name and your new clue for where you are choosing to hide it next.
  2. We ask that you DO NOT spoil the hiding places for other students, so that the game remains fun and fair for everyone.
  3. When relocating the rocks, please hide them outside so anyone can have access to them.
  4. If you want to repaint the rocks with some creative design, we encourage you to do so. If you keep the rock, please design one of your own and place it somewhere so the game continues!


  1. There are many trees, but here you should check, you might want to stop at flight deck.
  2. It used to run water through its wheel, now it’s a good place for a meal.
  3. This school may  be small but it’s a good resource of learning.
  4. At the Building of Books, you’ll find a rock full of Knowledge.
  5. Where a Dam once lay, a rock must stay.
  6. Next to the gutter, you’ll have to pinpoint our spare rock. But be careful because you might strike out.
  7. It’s a place where wildcats roam, wild and free, but also a place where teenagers don’t like to be.
  8. Wanna get rid of your shopaholic fog, go to the place where the Bull-Eyes is on the Dog.
  9. Next to the sanctuary near the bench you’ll find a rock to brighten your day.
  10. This place is named after a bird, but it’s a place where you can enjoy ice on the curb.
  11. I promise we are not bluffing, go to the river and under a sign, there is a rock you will find.
  12. In this place where there’s shade, you can take long walks for days. Near a creek a platform sits, a place where children have fits.
  13. It’s a place where waitresses wear skates, and after eight they have half off shakes. It’s near a place where you learn, just be sure to make the right turn.
  14. The tortoise my win the race but this place is faster paced. They give you Fabulous fries, this is where our rock lies.
  15. Be sure to make this stop, or else this rock may be found by a cop.
  16. Next to the Captains ship, on His island of sand, the Cacti are there.
  17. Its old and next to a creek, it was flooded when the old dam leaked.
  18. This is a place called an LPC secret, but truly it’s not. It’s found outside where it is hot.
  19. This is a place where you can find Pauline, you can get a burger here, where her first Alzheimer’s fundraiser was seen.
  20. A place where the creek flows and children play, over a bridge a rock may lay.
  21. It holds a lot of water and it holds a lot of rocks, this a place where you go to take long walks.
  22. You may want to Sease your search, if you cannot find the rock, it hides were the corn lies.
  23. Where Cherokee and Chapin meet, you’ll find the pit at which you stop and has what you seek.
  24. Where shopping is a pleasure is where you’ll find this treasure.
  25. In the parking lot of Lowe’s you will find your bread which will take you to your rock.