Sr High Modgnik Spring Retreat

modgnikSpring Retreat 2020
Friday, March 13 (4:15 pm) to
Sunday, March 15 (approx 1:00 pm)

Bonclarken Conference Center
500 Pine Dr
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Packing List


Departure: Arrive to the church at 4:15 pm on Friday the 13th so that we can pack and depart by 4:30 pm.

Return: We will return at approximately 1:00 pm on Sunday afternoon, the 15th. Students will have worshiped earlier that morning but will not have eaten lunch.

Friday Dinner: In order to make it to Modgnik before festivities begin, we are asking students to a) pack their own dinner to eat in the vehicles, or b) to order a Chick-Fil-A box through us. Chick-Fil-A box will be your choice of an original sandwich or an 8-count nugget with chips, a cookie, and choice of water bottle or gatorade. Cost for the box is $7 and payment should be given to me before we depart on the 13th. Please let Leah know your Friday dinner plan no later than Wednesday, March 11.

DEVICE-FREE RETREAT POLICY: The Modgnik retreats are device-free (no phones, tablets, computers, mp3 players, etc.). Please join us to help create a fun community atmosphere and freedom from digital connection for this retreat by asking your student to leave all of their devices at home. Any devices discovered over the weekend will be held until after the retreat. LPC and the chaperones representing LPC are not responsible for any lost or stolen digital devices that attend this retreat. It is MUCH EASIER if students just leave their devices at home. That said, we want you to have easy access to your student. We will ensure students have chaperone’s phones at their disposal any time they need to call/text home. Likewise, please feel free to call or text any of our leaders if you need to reach your student. We will also set up a Parent GroupMe chat for safe arrival texts, updates, and departure texts.

Speaker: Adam Davenport

Worship Music: Members of the Biltmore Worship Team (Spotify Playlist)

NEW for 2020! MODGNIK SWAG SHOP! The Swag Shop will feature Modgnik logo items for purchase:

  • Hoodies $28
  • Water Bottles $10
  • Tshirts $5
  • Stickers $2
  • Bracelets $2
  • Bundle Deal – hoodie, water bottle, sticker or bracelet $35

Modgnik is a retreat, but it’s also a one-word reminder that we’ve been called to live in God’s “backwards kingdom”. The retreat exists to help Middle School students consider how to live their lives in light of that calling, as well as to provide a fun weekend with their friends at a fantastic retreat facility.

This is a weekend to come together as churches so that we can fellowship as The Church. During the weekend, there are large group meetings, discussion times, class times, and of course game times. All meals from breakfast Saturday to breakfast Sunday are included and happen on-site, and the food is excellent! Modgnik is hosted and organized by First Baptist of Lexington, Lexington Presbyterian Church, Riverbend Community Church and Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church.